The Wizards are showing more interest in this player than anyone else, why?


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The Wizards are showing more interest in this player than anyone else. Why?

So far, free agency has been going on for a little more than 4 hours. (feels like 40 already) and a plethora of moves are being made, so here is a move that not many people are talking about but it is actually a good one. According to Carmichael Dave, the Wizards are more interested in John Collins than any other team. Dave’s tweet read:

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“NBA Trade Bombshell: KD Tells Nets Owner he wants out”


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“NBA Trade Bombshell: KD Tells Nets Owner he wants out”

Kyrie Irving is now in, while Kevin Durant wants to leave. What an insane, disappointing year it has been for the Nets and their fans.

According to various sources around the league, KD requested to be traded by the Nets early Thursday. Durant apparently went straight to Nets owner Joe Tsai to break the news, ahead of the start of free agency. ESPN has also reported Nets GM Sean Marks is working with Durant and his agent Rich Kleiman to potentially find a trade destination for the former MVP. According to Yahoo Sports, Durant, who is now 33 would love to be moved to Phoenix, and Miami is also in the talks.

Durant signed a four-year, $194 million contract agreement with the Nets during the offseason prior to the 2022-23 season.

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