Steph Curry’s Long-Term Deal with Under Armour is LUCRATIVE

By: OutOfSightSports


Steph Curry’s Long-Term Deal with Under Armour is LUCRATIVE

Warriors superstar Steph Curry is set to earn an impressive $48 million in salary this season. However, this is only a small portion of the incredible earnings he stands to gain from his long-term deal with Under Armour. As part of the agreement, Curry is expected to receive a grant of $75 million in Under Armour stock, which could potentially cover the rest of his basketball career.

If certain conditions are met, this contract could even transform into a lifetime deal, similar to LeBron James’ arrangement with Nike. According to a public SEC filing, the stock award includes 8,823,530 restricted stock units, which will vest in two installments in 2029 and 2034, as long as Curry remains with Under Armour.

Aside from the stock award, Curry is also likely to receive direct payments in the eight figures annually from Under Armour. This lucrative deal comes on top of his current four-year, $215 million contract with the Warriors, as well as his various business ventures, including his wife Ayesha’s food businesses and his FTX deal.

Since joining Under Armour in 2013, Curry has become the brand’s most prominent athlete, and he has now been appointed as the president of the company’s Curry Brand. This move further solidifies Curry’s relationship with Under Armour, showing that the company is determined to keep him on board for the long haul.

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