NFL Draft Scouting Report: Nolan Smith

By: SportsRiseMedia


NFL Draft Scouting Report: Nolan Smith

Nolan Smith, a leader both on and off the field for the Georgia Bulldogs, is known for his dynamic personality and energetic presence. As the starting OLB/EDGE in 2021, he made an immediate impact on a defense that featured several NFL draft picks.

Smith’s game is defined by his physicality, violence, and relentlessness, making him a difficult task to block in the run game, particularly for tight ends. His full-body strength is on display as he digs his feet into the ground and becomes immovable against the run. He has an explosive first step and an admirable flexibility, which allows him to bend around the edges or slice across blockers to win the inside track. While he still needs to refine his hand-to-hand combat skills, his punches can shock blockers, and his power is an asset in the pass-rush department.

Smith’s potential as a three-down defender is apparent due to his impressive run defense, but his pass-rush skills are still developing. He has the explosiveness to threaten offensive tackles outside shoulders, but he relies too much on his first step, length, and power, which can limit his ceiling at the next level. He needs to become more technical with his hands to defeat pass blocks more effectively.

Looking to the future, Smith’s versatility in different alignments could be a valuable asset in any defense. With his size, athleticism, and physicality, he has the potential to be a dangerous edge defender who can drop into coverage, stuff the run, and get after the passer.

In summary, Nolan Smith is a highly respected and dynamic leader on and off the field, with an impressive physicality, violence, and relentlessness that make him difficult to block in the run game. While his pass-rush skills need improvement, his potential as an edge defender is evident due to his athleticism and size.

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