Potential 12 vs 5 Seed Upset: March Madness 2023


By: OutOfSightSports

Potential 12 vs 5 Seed Upset: March Madness 2023

You can feel them approaching. Every year, there are upsets. They’re indeed the reason this event is called March Madness.

It’s impossible to predict which ones will materialize. As any fan knows , it can be challenging at time to predict a winner, especially in a win-or-go-home scenario. Nevertheless, some are more likely to happen than others.

To begin, this marks a comeback to the Big Dance for the Rams, who were forced to withdraw from the 2021 tournament after to several positive COVID tests. VCU is also accustomed to tournament success, having advanced from the First Four to the Final Four in 2011.

Most importantly, the Rams are a tough match for Saint Mary’s. VCU, which is led by Adrian “Ace” Baldwin and Jalen DeLoach, is the type of high-tempo, high-pressure group that may force the slower paced, cautious Gaels out of their comfort zone.

Saint Mary’s is worthy of its top seed, as it was a year ago, but this draw means difficulties if the Gaels can’t match the Rams’ athleticism and are obligated to play outside of their comfort zone. This will be one of the best watches and matchups of the tournament.

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