Nate Oats on Brandon Miller’s pregame ‘pat-down’ vs Arkansas: ‘Not appropriate’

By: @OOSSports


Nate Oats on Brandon Miller’s pregame ‘pat-down’: ‘Not appropriate’

Alabama men’s basketball coach Nate Oats, who has made an ass out of himself all week with his insensitive comments, finally did something half moral, saying that freshman forward Brandon Miller’s pregame introduction routine of being touched down by a walk-on before proceeding to mid court was ‘not appropriate’ after taking down Arkansas by 3 at home yesterday.

“I don’t watch our introductions, I’m not involved with them, I’m drawing up plays during that time,” Oats stated postgame.

“Regardless, it’s not appropriate. It’s been addressed and I can assure you it definitely will not happen again for the remainder of this year.” he went on to say.

Miller, who has done the same pregame pat-down for each game this season, resumed the process after Tuscaloosa Detective Branden Culpepper testified Tuesday that Miller brought now-former teammate Darius Miles’ gun to him the night of the fatal shooting of 23-year-old Jamea Jonae Harris, after Miles texted and urged him to do so.

Culpepper’s evidence was given during a preliminary hearing for Miles and Michael Lynn Davis, who are charged with capital murder for the death of Harris. Miles and Michael Lynn Davis are accused of killing Harris. According to the investigators, Miles acknowledged to delivering the pistol that was used in the shooting that resulted in a fatality, but Davis was the one who fired the firearm. Miles has subsequently been removed from the Crimson Tide program.

Miller has not been accused of committing a crime, and the Chief Deputy District Attorney in Tuscaloosa, Paula Whitley, stated on Tuesday that there is “nothing we could prosecute [Miller] with.” Oats and the investigators have reported that Miller has been cooperative with the police.

When Alabama’s sports information director advised the media to ask questions just concerning the Alabama-Arkansas game, Oats did react to the one non game question that was asked of him. The question was regarding whether or not he had reached out to the family of Harris at any point in time.

“Listen, to address it a little bit,” Oats said. “I apologize for my previous comments this week. We understand the severity of it all, but I’m following the administration’s lead on everything here, so we’re going to talk about the game is what they would like for me to talk about.”

On Saturday, Miller had a team-high 24 points and six rebounds and was applauded everytime he did something for the Crimson Tide. This is in stark contrast to Miller’s treatment on the road against South Carolina on Wednesday night.

Miller’s week was brought up later in Oats’ postgame news conference during a question regarding the game,

“He’s one of the most mentally, if not the most mentally tough kid I’ve ever coached in my life and I’ve been coaching for a while,” Oats said. “While he completely understands the situation’s tragic and he takes it very seriously and he’s been cooperating the whole time, he’s also done a great job being able to focus on practices, games and just getting this laser focus where he’s dialed in to where his feet are at.”

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