NFL Council: Gruden Emails Leaked By Commanders


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NFL Council: Gruden Emails Leaked By Commanders

According to a report produced by the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight and Reform on Thursday, Dan Snyder and the Commanders leaked the emails that led to the resignation of former Raiders coach Jon Gruden.

Bruce Allen, the former president of the Raiders, claimed that an NFL executive told him that Snyder’s people disclosed Gruden’s emails containing misogynistic and anti-LGBTQ language last year, leading to Gruden’s resignation.

“By June 2021, Mr. Snyder went one step further: he identified for the NFL ‘specific inappropriate Bruce Allen e-mails’ to bolster the claims that Mr. Allen was to blame for the toxic workplace culture,” the report stated.

“Public reports indicate that, although the NFL found Mr. Allen’s e-mails troubling, it determined that they were ‘outside the scope if the original probe into the Washington Football Team.’ Approximately four months later, in October 2021, Mr. Allen learned that many of the ‘inappropriate’ e-mails obtained by Mr. Snyder from his Commanders e-mail account had been leaked to the Wall Street Journal. According to Mr. Allen, when he called NFL’s counsel, Lisa Friel, to complain, she indicated that the Commanders were responsible for the leak, stating ‘We didn’t do it at the league office. It came out of their side.’”

Of course, the emails between Gruden and Allen were the ones that were investigated, ultimately leading to Gruden’s resignation.

The Commanders’ counsel, John Brownlee and Stuart Nash, provided a statement to Sports Illustrated on Thursday, which stated,

“These Congressional investigators demonstrated, almost immediately, that they were not interested in the truth, and were only interested in chasing headlines by pursuing one side of the story. Today’s report is the predictable culmination of that one-sided approach. … Today’s report does not advance public knowledge of the Washington Commanders workplace in any way. The team is proud of the progress it has made in recent years in establishing a welcoming and inclusive workplace, and it looks forward to future success, both on and off the field.”

The report issued by the United States House of Representatives on Thursday was lengthy, detailing how the Washington franchise under Snyder covered up decades of alleged sexual misconduct within the organization and impeded investigations into that wrongdoing. The report also documented how the NFL “buried” the probe into the franchise led by attorney Beth Wilkinson.

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