Latest SI Mock Draft has Cards taking DB with 7th pick


By: OOSSports

Latest SI Mock Draft has Cards taking DB with 7th pick

After a dreadful 3-6 start to the year, the Arizona Cardinals are virtually assured of having a high pick in the NFL Draft in 2023.

The team is currently expected to draft seventh , but there is still a significant amount of time for that estimate to go either direction.

If the Cards do ultimately do end up with the 7th pick in the 2023 draft, what should they do?

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Many believe multiple quarterbacks will go at the very top of the draft, which would push other positional talent further down the board, where it will be available to teams like the Cardinals.

Despite the fact that outside linebacker, defensive lineman, and offensive lineman are the positions that the Cardinals are most likely to target, the most recent mock draft from Sports Illustrated predicts that Arizona will select Georgia cornerback Kelee Ringo as their first overall pick.

Kelee Jahari-Hale Ringo was a cornerback prospect of the highest magnitude in the 2020 recruiting class. He earned five stars as a prospect as well and  was named an All-American after playing for three years for Saguaro High School, where he played running back. During his senior season, he ran for 712 yards and tallied 13 touchdowns, garnering him the award. During this time, he won the 100-meter and 200-meter races at the AIA DIII state championships.

Ringo played his rookie year in 2020 as a redshirt because he had chosen Georgia over more than 30 other schools that had offered him a scholarship, including Alabama, Ohio State, and Notre Dame. A ruptured labrum is a common injury, especially at the level of the SEC, but the big cornerback had to have surgery to repair it early in his career. This prevented him from playing on the field.

Ringo was honored as a freshman All-SEC selection in the year 2021. During his career, he played in 15 games and recorded a total of 34 tackles, eight pass breakups, and two interceptions. While his first pick came in the game against UAB, his second pick was the one that helped Georgia win their first national title in almost four decades. It was the first time in his career that an interception was returned for a touchdown, and it went for 79 yards. It is anticipated that the cornerback for Georgia will serve as the leader of the secondary for the Bulldogs during the college football season of 2022.

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