TNF Bears vs Commanders NFL Free Pick ┊10/13/22

October 13th, 2022

By @OOSSports

Thursday Night Football NFL Free Pick ┊10/13/22


Although I believed the Bears were the NFL’s weakest team, I’m beginning to change my mind. While they haven’t been overpowered by an opponent more than once this season, they have lack a passing game, an offensive line, and a strong defense. Both of their most recent road opponents are now 4-1, thanks to CLOSE wins vs the the Bears.. That’s a tribute to what appears to be a competent coaching staff on the Bear’s sideline, which is more than I can say about the current regime in Washington. Chicago should be minor favorites at home on a short week, because of the closeness of the margin between them and the visiting club. Therefore, I’ll be betting on them and crossing my fingers that coaching prevails.


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