Drew Brees is “concerned” about his Thumb


By: @outofsightsports


Drew Brees is “concerned” about his Thumb

Saints QB Drew Brees has no idea how serious of a thumb injury he had that knocked him out of Sunday’s loss to LA in the first quarter. Brees, concerned about the injury, had this to say,

“Yeah, I am concerned. I’m hoping it’s not too significant” he said. Right now it is set up for him to see the distinguished Dr. Shin in Los Angeles. “I’m hoping it’s not too significant.”

The franchise quarterback was asked if any diagnosis or x-rays had come back positive and he said: “It’s all up in the air right now.”

“I really don’t know at this point. There’s only so much you can do here other than have a doctor look at it on the sideline,”  the QB said. So what exactly happened? Drew’s right hand hit All-Pro DT Aaron Donald‘s hand at the end of an incompletion late in the 1st and Teddy Bridgewater came in

Bridgewater played the rest of the game, throwing 17 completions on 30 attempts for 165 yards in a loss. It was the third time the Saints haven’t managed to score a touchdown since Payton had been there.

Brees got his right thumb and lower hand/wrist taped by a trainer on the bench and remained on the sideline engaged in the game trying to help Bridgewater the rest of the game.

Sean Payton said that they had absolutely no intention to put Brees back in the game, who was in so much pain apparently they could only run when he tried to stay in.

“It’s very difficult not to be playing,” said the 2009 SB MVP Brees, who can confidently say he’s only missed one start because of injury since high school in his entire career — Week 3 of 2015 at Carolina with a shoulder problem. He also sustained an acute shoulder injury in the closing game of the 2005 year vs the Chargers, but he returned by week one for New Orleans in 2006.

Brees was 3-5 before leaving on Sunday, one of those incompletions being an interception that got knocked out of Jared Cook‘s hands in the opening drive.

Good thing for the saints, Bridgewater is definitely one of the better backups in the NFL, being the highest-paid backup QB at $7.25 million this season. Obviously they want him to take over after Drew because they traded a 3rd round pick to the Jets in 2018 and resigned him in March.

NFL: Carolina Panthers at New Orleans Saints

Sean Payton showed confidence in his backup after the game, calling him a “pro” that was ready to go after Brees was hurt, as he blamed most of Bridgewater’s struggles on the Saints’ O-line getting “whipped” up front and drive-killing, boneheaded penalties.

“I felt comfortable with Teddy and do feel comfortable with Teddy,” Payton said.



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