“The CP3 vs Rondo Beef has been going on for over Ten Years”


By: @Team_OOS


Opposite of what many of you probably think, this beef did NOT start during the month of October 2018, when Rondo and CP3 got into an incident where some vulgar words were exchanged that turned into a heated scuffle quickly. James Harden was fouled as he was driving to the lane by Brandon Ingram and the officials said the foul was on the ground. The Rockets were very upset that it was not a shooting foul, as Chris Paul and James Harden barked at the officials. After the play, Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo are at each other’s throats and it appears that in slow motion Rondo intended to spit on CP3. Some people think it was because his mouthpiece, but Chris most certainly didn’t. He gauged at Rondo’s eyes and a few punches were thrown that didn’t really land. This was most certainly not a surprise to Paul Pierce, who had this to say about the incident, “I am not surprised at all,” who played with both Rondo and Paul during his career. “For you people out there who don’t know, Rondo and Chris Paul have never liked each other. This dates back to maybe Rondo’s rookie year or second year. They’ve had heated exchanges over the course of their [careers]. I’m surprised that this is their first fight actually because throughout Rondo’s time in the league, him and Chris Paul have never gotten along.”

This Started in 2008

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst said the CP3-Rondo beef goes back to 2008 when the two wanted spots on the Team USA Olympic roster. That was the “Redeem Team”, a reference to the fact that the United States came away with embarrassing Bronze Medals during the 2004 Summer Olympics and the 2006 FIBA World Championship. Kobe Bryant was named the team captain and Mike Krzyzewski was named the head coach of the 2008 team. The same team that featured Lebron, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Jason Kidd, D-Wade… and Paul, in basically the prime of their careers. About a decade ago, Windhorst had an appearance on The Hoopshype Podcast and said Paul and Rondo hadn’t liked each other since CP3 beat him out for a guard spot on the 2008 Summer Olympics Roster. That team went on to win Olympic gold and bring honor back to USA basketball in international play. Being on the “Redeem Team” was both a massive goal for Rondo and Paul. At this point, Paul had established himself as the better pure point guard and scorer, and was honestly just a better player than Rondo at the time. BUT, Rondo has something it looks like CP3 may never get, a championship. With that being said, being asked to represent your country with such an elite core of players is the ultimate honor. “The guys really wanted to be on that team. Chris Paul was established as one of the best point guards in the league… but there was some real competition… He beat Rondo out and Rondo got cut, and Rondo was not happy about it because he had just won a championship.”

Again in 2009

The two stars had technical fouls that led to an exchange at the end of a Nov. 1, 2009 matchup between the C’s and Pelicans. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, who wrote at Yahoo! at the time, Rondo told Paul he wished he could be him, that “I’ve got a ring and you’re never gonna win one.” That is some harsh words to say for a regular season game in November, but Rondo is still right a decade later. He still doesn’t have a ring which causes the two to envy each other. CP3 wishes he had a ring, Rondo wishes he made Team USA. After the argument, Rondo told reporters to not ask him about CP3, “now, tomorrow, or any other time.” Clippers coach Doc Rivers, who coached both players, was not surprised at all either about the beef still going on.


“What We Saw from the First Weekend of the Summer League”



By: David Matlock (contributor)

It is every basketball fanatics favorite time of the summer that isn’t the Finals or the NBA Draft, yes, it is NBA Summer League. It is the time of the year when fans definitely elect their “boom” or “bust” picks since one small sample of uncoordinated, unrefined basketball determines the best the NBA future has to offer *eyeroll*.


Zion Williamson, the no. 1 overall pick from the 2019 NBA Draft, played a dazzling 9 minutes, minus the underwhelming jumper package at his disposal, including a vicious attack on Kevin Knox’s manhood before he was pulled out from a potential knee bruise. 


Of course, all knowing NBA twitter has already been skeptical of Zion’s health down the line, even though David Griffin stated they pulled him from Summer League to maintain caution with the potential savior of New Orleans basketball.


RJ Barrett is already getting the “bust” treatment after he has gone a combined 7-for-33 from the field with 10 turnovers and 2 assists, however, according to an SNY article featuring multiple scout evals about the 19 year old Duke star, one scout said, “But there’s no reason to sound any alarms,” one veteran scout said Monday. “He’s 19 and this is what Summer League – and his rookie season, really – is for.” 


Barrett plays hard and he gives too much effort to not contribute in this league, but I guess Twitter mob has given their final verdict so we must give up on the promising young talent. 


I’ll be doing daily Summer League analyses from now on, but here is just an overview of some of my top performers and big winners so far:


Lonnie Walker:

The 18th overall pick from 2018 out of Miami has been on a tear recently after dropping 32 points last night 12-for-23 shooting (52%) and leading the Spurs scoring every night he plays, he has proven that he has potent scoring potential. Spurs player development remains unmatched.


Dylan Windler: 

The 26th overall pick for the Cavaliers was relatively unknown, even after he dropped 35 points of the Terps in the NCAA tournament this past March. Windler has proven that he is a capable shooter, an unselfish ball mover, and a crafty scorer. Along with Marques Bolden from Duke, the Cavs have found great value from their later picks.


New Orleans Pelicans:

In case you haven’t been on social media at all, Jaxson Hayes murdered a man yesterday without any sort of legal repercussions, and he was a physically dominating presence all night. Jaxson Hayes and Nickeil Alexander-Walker looked spectacular in their summer league debut putting up 28 and 23, respectively. If Zion is anything close to being as advertised, the Pelicans will  have one of the most talented young cores in the league. 


Coby White:

UNC bias will be policy as long as I am here (Go Heels), but I don’t even think it is biased to say that Coby White might be the most gifted scorer in the draft. Period. When he matures in feel and grows as a facilitator, this kid could become a perennial All-Star. Shooting touch is a need for the modern NBA, and Coby has shown that his ability to get the basket, knock down tough threes, and (most importantly) create and finish on mid range jumpers will only get better.


Kyle Guy:

The Kings keep drafting well, and Kyle Guy further evidence that the future is bright in Sacramento. The Virginia product is averaging 20 a game on 48% shooting and his jumper has been silky all summer. He has also showed exceptional ability to create and facilitate off the dribble. If this translates to the league, the Kings’ bench just got a little more depth and better shooting.

“Report: Rockets interested in trade for Westbrook, but it’s doubtful”



By: @TeamOutOfSight

The Thunder seem to be headed toward a rebuild after Paul George demanded a trade to join 2-time Finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard, on the LA Clippers. As we all know, in 2016 KD told Westbrook he was staying and then he left to win 2 titles with the Warriors. Paul George felt as if he could not win a championship with Westbrook, so he left like Kevin Durant did. Recently, we heard that Russell Westbrook wanted out of OKC after PG left, so it’s probably likely that there will be a trade that deals Russell Westbrook to a new team. The problem is, finding a team that wants the explosive star and being able to have the cap space to fit him could be tricky, for almost any team. Case in point: the Houston Rockets

Can The Rockets land Russell?

Adding  Russell Westbrook would definitely be a gutsy move for one of the NBA’s bolder GMs, Daryl Morey.

The biggest problem for Houston is the contract of the Rockets point guard, Chris Paul, who is still due $125 million over the next three years. You would think any Rockets trade for Westbrook would have to have CP3 leaving H-Town, though MacMahon noted that might be the case.

Despite that, it’s hard to imagine that the Rockets would want three point guards with cap hits exceeding $38 million — Westbrook, Paul and James Harden — on their roster.

The Rockets Tried To Add Jimmy Butler Too:

This is the second over-the-top aggressive plan from the Rockets to come to light this offseason. They were reported earlier in being interested in landing Jimmy Butler in a sign-and-trade, who opted to join the Heat in South Beach. ESPN even reported that the Rockets couldn’t even get an interview from Jimmy Butler, a Houston native. Among the possible players to trade for Butler were apparently Capela and Eric Gordon, so you would definitely imagine those players are on the table for Russ as well. It’s much of a peculiar idea though, as the Rockets probably aren’t going to want to give up much if they’re taking on Westbrook’s huge cap hit.

Putting Westbrook on the Rockets would also be quite entertaining for a team with reported locker-room issues, though it would clearly be a cool reunion for Harden and Westbrook, who were teammates on the Thunder and appeared in the 2012 finals together, both of their only appearances in their respective careers. Who knows? Maybe a trade is made and the duo of Westbrook and Harden could operate better than that of CP3 and Harden.