How Jay-Z Became The First Billionaire Rapper


By: Team OOS


Jay-Z, one of the greatest rappers to ever walk the planet, accomplished a feat no other rapper had before. According to calculations from the ‘Forbes’ team, the Brooklyn native has accumulated a ridiculous amount of money that equates to $1 Billion. ‘Forbes, reports on Jay’s break down the different parts of his portfolio. His net worth is drawn from $50 million in real estate, $70 million in art, $75 million from his music catalog, another $75 million from Roc Nation, $100 million from Tidal, another $100 million for his stake in D’usse, $220 million in cash and many investments, and an insane $310 million piece of the champaign brand “Armand de Brignac”  Jay-Z has definitely told the world about his massive amount of money plently of times, flaunting in the track ‘Family Feud’ about his financial cloud ‘Ain’t such thing as an ugly billionare, im cute’, he boasted then.


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