Jared Dudley’s Shots at Ben Simmons Backfired


By: OutOfSightSports

After the Nets defeated the 76ers in game 2 to tie up the series at 1-1, Jared Dudley made some comments that sure did seem to backfire, as Simmons had a career night from the field with 31 points, 9 assists, 4 rebounds (surprising), 2 steals and 3 blocks in 38 minutes. He had a career high 31 playoff points and his career high in general is 32. The Brooklyn fans also had a role in making the wrong guy mad. Flyers were posted throughout the city that claimed Ben Simmons jumper was “missing” and that he was described as being “average”.


That took beef to a whole new level. Greg Monroe started for the in place of superstar Joel Embiid because of a knee injury, and he didn’t do so great to say the least. Boban had some big moments and made some plays, but this game was all about Simmons. If he can play this good when Embiid comes back, the 76ers will be the legit contenders we all believed they would be in the East. Ultimately, it will all come down to on how Joel Embiid’s injury impacts his game and his minutes when he returns because the 76ers do not stand a chance to win the East without Embiid, who said this of his injury, “It’s tough. That’s what tendinitis is all about,” Embiid said of his injury,  “And some days you got your days and some other days is different. So even in the games that I play I just try to go out there and try to play for these guys. I try to help us win the series and eliminate them. So whatever, whatever I can do. But it’s hard. I just got to keep pushing it and see how I do.” Obviously, this injury is day-to-day so it could definitely be worse, but it is essential for the 76ers to keep their star big man healthy. As of now, 76ers fans should clearly be satisfied with their chances of winning the East because if Ben Simmons keeps playing this way and Joel Embiid comes back himself, the league better be on watch.

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