Kyrie Irving has High Praise for Trae Young


By: Team OOS (President)

After the Atlanta Hawks lost to the Boston Celtics in TD Garden, Kyrie had some high praise for the rookie Trae Young, “I’m greatly impressed,” Irving said. “Just to see his evolution from October all the way until now. He’s definitely in contention with Luka for rookie of the year. It’s probably going to be one of the closest races in a little while, just for how successful those guys have been but he’s just been growing and maturing. Their coach is putting him in a great position to be successful.” Despite being 24-47 and 12th in the conference, the well respected Lloyd Pierce has done a great job building a promising future by acquiring guys I believe can develop to become stronger players along with Young. If you look around the NBA, there isn’t one team in the entire league that has playoff success without a dynamic point guard, and the last time the Hawks had to choose between drafting a forward and a point guard, the Hawks got Marvin Williams. You want to know who the other player is they passed up on? Chris Paul.

Kyrie went on to say, “Coming off those double drags, him and John Collins have a great friendship, as you can see, on the court and off the court. It’s just great to see young guys like that develop, coming in and proving everybody wrong. First in October, everybody said ‘He’s too small to play. He’s this, he’s that’ and now it’s just like, he actually has potential to be a special player in this league.” This isn’t just some praise from your every other day rotation player. This is Kyrie Irving, one of the most versatile and clutch point guards in the league. As a native of Georgia I do not think I have ever seen a young core as exciting as these young guns in my lifetime. John Collins is an absolute glass cleaner, Huerter is panning out to be a solid pick for the Atlanta Hawks, shooting a pretty solid 40% on the season and 39% from deep. Bembre has shown some terrific athleticism on defense and Vince has hit some big shots down the stretch. Rome was not build in a day, but sooner than later I truly believe the Hawks will be soaring to new heights.

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