“What is wrong With the Lakers?”

“What is Wrong With the Lakers?” By Team OOS:


  1. One of the biggest problems with the Lakers is the lack of any sort of bench. Need I say more?
  2.  The defensive effort the Lakers have been putting up is pathetic, ranking 24th so far in total points-per-game against as their opponents have been averaging a whopping 114 points a games.
  3. Is LeBron James the LeBron James he once was? Is his age and minute totals weighing his confidence down? Can he carry the Lakers like he carried the Cavaliers? With what we have seen, clearly he cannot especially with the seemingly mediocre cast he has around him. Time to quit sugar-coating.
  4. The Lakers are not mathematically out of the playoff race with 18 games left but lets be real, it will almost impossible for the Lakers to make the postseason after Monday’s 113-105 loss to the Clippers making them 30-34, tied for 9th with the Minnesota .
  5. Clearly they are missing Lonzo Ball and were actually rolling defensively before Ball went down. In fact, LA has gone now 12 consecutive games where  that they haven’t held a team to under 110 points.
  6. The Lakers are a very poor 3-point team shooting team in a 3-point league and that makes the offense completely one-dimensional and predictable.
  7. This is one of the biggest summers in the history of Lebron’s career and Magic’s legacy as The President of Operations for the Lakers. If he is not able to land another star player as they have struggled to do so in the past, the Lakers are in for a long ride.
  8. Luke Walton needs to go, we have given him enough time with “the best young core in the league”. I’m sick of hearing his sorry excuses about not playing hard. He literally warmed the bench for Kobe and the only reason he has the job is because of his legendary Father. I used to be big on Walton, but hes pure garbage. Sincerely, a pissed Lakers fan.


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