Ja Morant Is the Real Deal

Ja Morant made a statement in his debut game, as Murray State blew past the Marquette Golden Eagles 83-64. It was the first “upset” as a 12 seed beat a 5 seed but I really didn’t view Murray State as an underdog. He is very athletic, agile, quick and elusive when going to the rim and is a knock-down shooter.        The explosive, selfless guard who had a triple double with17 points, 16 assists, 11 rebounds in the win. It was Morant’s third triple double this season and only the ninth in NCAA tournament history—the first since Draymond Green in 2012 at Michigan State. Even though Murray State may not have the best strength of schedule leaving room for doubt, Morant played lights out. On the very first play of the game, he took on two defenders and threw an alley-oop to KJ Williams setting the tone. He finished off the first half with a step-back three to give the Racers a 42–35 edge at the buzzer. Later on in the second half, he threw down a raw, brutal, two-handed dunk over Marquette’s 6’9″, 290-pound forward Joey Hauser. Definitely was the play of the day. “That’s just everyday Ja,” says sophomore forward Devin Gilmore. “For real.”

After the game, he was asked how he would want someone who had seen him play for the first time, Morant confidently went, “Honestly, if they don’t know me by now, I don’t know what to say.” Then he said, “But I hope they see not just me, but that Murray State is a great team and we can run with the big dogs.” Clearly, Morant is ready to play at the next level and his draft-stock is sky rocking with the incredible production he has had this season.

Freshman guard Tevin Brown looked phenomenal, leading the team with 19 points and went 5-of-9 from deep. Senior guard Shaq Buchanan dominated defensively, and Darnell Cowart helped spread the floor with his ability to score inside. When asked about his great performance, he humbly responded, “It feels good, but I give all the credit to my teammates because withoutthem, I wouldn’t have a triple double.” This level of maturity for a college player is off the charts and scouts must be going crazy about him. Children are idolizing him, teammates are joking around saying they should rename the University, “Ja Morant University”, he is being compared to Zion Williamson! This guy is the REAL DEAL.

D’Angelo Russell, Nets, Rally Down from 28 to Win


By: OutOfSightSports

In the 2017 season, the Nets traded away Brook Lopez and the 27th round pick in the draft and the Lakers went on to acquire Kyle Kuzma. Based on your preference of team, you can choose who won the trade. Personally, I think that although Kuzma is a great addition to the Lakers and has proven he belongs, but when you get the greatest player on the planet and still can’t make the playoffs, then you might be in for some trouble. Based on what I have seen, as in right this second, I believe the Nets won the trade. The Lakers have obviously been plagued by injury, but the Nets are in the hunt and the Lakers are already looking into the summer.

Anyways, back to the story of the night, D’Angelo Russell. Russell exploded for 27 4th quarter points, shooting 10-15 from the field . That’s right, 27. The Nets were losing by 28 points in the second half and beat the Sacramento Kings after Rondae Hollis-Jefferson made a layup with eight-tenths of a second remaining to win the game, 123-121. Brooklyn had been sluggish all the way until the fourth, but Russell put on one of the best performances you will see this year to bring the Nets back from down 28.

Hollis-Jefferson was the unsung hero of the game he had 14 points off the bench, and none more important than his game-winning layup after Sacramento’s Marvin Bagley III stepped out of bounds with 5.5 seconds left. This was an absolutely huge win for the Nets who claim the 7th spot in the East as we wrap up this 2018-2019 season. These next couple of weeks are going to be intense in The Association.

The 430 Million Dollar Man

By: OutOfSightSports

The best player in the world, Mike Trout, and the LA Angels are finalizing the largest contract in sports history, a 12-year deal worth $430 million and will destroy records, keep the greatest player of his generation with the Angels for the rest of his career.

The two-time MVP and 4 time runner up is clearly the best baseball player on the planet, and one of the best athletes in the world. Trout has a lifetime batting average of .307, 1187 hits, 224 doubles, 44 triples, 240 homeruns and 648 total RBIs. He has scored a total of 793 runs and stolen nearly 200 bases in his career. Mike Trout is the definition of a five tool player and if you’re reading this article and you don’t know what a five tool player is, go look it up or just quit reading. With all the versatility Trout brings to the table, whether it comes to hitting the baseball, defense, or scoring runs for his team, this man is the best in the business and deserves every single penny.

Everybody in the baseball world thought the contracts signed last month by Manny Machado and Bryce Harper were the most significant things that happened this offseason. Although Machado will help the recently struggling Padres and Harper could potentially help the Phillies rebound and claim the top spot in a strong NL East, the biggest splash this offseason was for the Angels. Trout has always been consistent, it’s almost as if every time you watch him play he makes a top 10 defensive play at the fence or hits a 500 foot homerun. If the Angels can surround Trout with relatively good baseball players the next 12 years (which they have not), they very well could end up winning a title or too.

Kyrie Irving has High Praise for Trae Young


By: Team OOS (President)

After the Atlanta Hawks lost to the Boston Celtics in TD Garden, Kyrie had some high praise for the rookie Trae Young, “I’m greatly impressed,” Irving said. “Just to see his evolution from October all the way until now. He’s definitely in contention with Luka for rookie of the year. It’s probably going to be one of the closest races in a little while, just for how successful those guys have been but he’s just been growing and maturing. Their coach is putting him in a great position to be successful.” Despite being 24-47 and 12th in the conference, the well respected Lloyd Pierce has done a great job building a promising future by acquiring guys I believe can develop to become stronger players along with Young. If you look around the NBA, there isn’t one team in the entire league that has playoff success without a dynamic point guard, and the last time the Hawks had to choose between drafting a forward and a point guard, the Hawks got Marvin Williams. You want to know who the other player is they passed up on? Chris Paul.

Kyrie went on to say, “Coming off those double drags, him and John Collins have a great friendship, as you can see, on the court and off the court. It’s just great to see young guys like that develop, coming in and proving everybody wrong. First in October, everybody said ‘He’s too small to play. He’s this, he’s that’ and now it’s just like, he actually has potential to be a special player in this league.” This isn’t just some praise from your every other day rotation player. This is Kyrie Irving, one of the most versatile and clutch point guards in the league. As a native of Georgia I do not think I have ever seen a young core as exciting as these young guns in my lifetime. John Collins is an absolute glass cleaner, Huerter is panning out to be a solid pick for the Atlanta Hawks, shooting a pretty solid 40% on the season and 39% from deep. Bembre has shown some terrific athleticism on defense and Vince has hit some big shots down the stretch. Rome was not build in a day, but sooner than later I truly believe the Hawks will be soaring to new heights.

“What is wrong With the Lakers?”

“What is Wrong With the Lakers?” By Team OOS:


  1. One of the biggest problems with the Lakers is the lack of any sort of bench. Need I say more?
  2.  The defensive effort the Lakers have been putting up is pathetic, ranking 24th so far in total points-per-game against as their opponents have been averaging a whopping 114 points a games.
  3. Is LeBron James the LeBron James he once was? Is his age and minute totals weighing his confidence down? Can he carry the Lakers like he carried the Cavaliers? With what we have seen, clearly he cannot especially with the seemingly mediocre cast he has around him. Time to quit sugar-coating.
  4. The Lakers are not mathematically out of the playoff race with 18 games left but lets be real, it will almost impossible for the Lakers to make the postseason after Monday’s 113-105 loss to the Clippers making them 30-34, tied for 9th with the Minnesota .
  5. Clearly they are missing Lonzo Ball and were actually rolling defensively before Ball went down. In fact, LA has gone now 12 consecutive games where  that they haven’t held a team to under 110 points.
  6. The Lakers are a very poor 3-point team shooting team in a 3-point league and that makes the offense completely one-dimensional and predictable.
  7. This is one of the biggest summers in the history of Lebron’s career and Magic’s legacy as The President of Operations for the Lakers. If he is not able to land another star player as they have struggled to do so in the past, the Lakers are in for a long ride.
  8. Luke Walton needs to go, we have given him enough time with “the best young core in the league”. I’m sick of hearing his sorry excuses about not playing hard. He literally warmed the bench for Kobe and the only reason he has the job is because of his legendary Father. I used to be big on Walton, but hes pure garbage. Sincerely, a pissed Lakers fan.