Lamar Jackson Expected to Start Sunday Against the Falcons and Our Prediction

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lamar jackson

Lamar Jackson is a very explosive and dynamic player on the field, as Michael Vick believes Lamar has a chance to be better than him and end his career with the most rushing yards of any NFL quarterback. I feel like Lamar Jackson can be a special talent like Vick soon in the future but it is a process. At Louisville, Jackson set a school record for total touchdowns in a game with eight in the first half alone. On December 10, 2016, Jackson was selected as the 2016 Heisman Trophy winner over fellow finalists Deshaun WatsonDede WestbrookJabrill Peppers, and Baker Mayfield. He became Louisville’s first Heisman Trophy winner in school history and the youngest ever recipient of the award. With these accolades (which there are a lot more), coaches still were resistant to draft Jackson because of poor footwork that lead to bad decisions and they doubted his leadership qualities. He didn’t have the typical career record of the normal Heisman trophy winner as well. He relies on his athletic ability to get him paid. Long term when it comes to winning championships, this is not the strategy. He is going to have to develop as a thrower and passer. When we were talking about him before the draft, nobody disputed how electric he was with the football in his hands and what he can do with his athletic ability, no one also disputed the fact that this is going to be a difficult process for him to learn to throw and stay in the pocket. Basically, we are seeing what we thought we would see. But when you talk about the combination of Joe Flacco and Lamar Jackson then you might have something special. When Flacco comes back and he is fully healthy as your passer and then you have all this creativity with Jackson coming in the game, you could legitimately have something there. In the crucial situations, we still know who is going to have the football in their hands, Joe Flacco.

PREDICTION: I predict the Falcons to win this game 35-24. Lamar Jackson will have a relatively solid day from the field, but Matt Ryan and company will get it together and get the dub at home. If they don’t at a mediocre 4-7, their chances of making the playoffs will become basically impossible. This is a must win for the Dirty Birds.

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