Anthony Davis: Where Will He Land This Offseason?

Anthony-DavisThe NBA rumor mill is constantly turning and Anthony Davis has been in the mix quite a lot this past year. The Pelicans star forward and franchise player apparently is open to a trade. Anthony Davis has been loyal for the most part, but the organization has not been able to get him an elite enough guard to help him carry the load. Yes Jrue Holiday is a great player, but I am talking about a star. A Source with intimate knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes has apparently told “Get More Sports” that Anthony Davis is considering five teams in the distant future: The Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, New Orleans Pelicans, New York Knicks and the Philadelphia 76ers. Most people have said that Davis is a lock for the Lakers next free agency but if this source is correct, then this will become even more of a wild offseason than we thought and could reshape the entire NBA. I believe that Anthony Davis will land with the Los Angeles Lakers next off season still. With the emergence of numerous “Super Teams,” Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka will get it done. They  are definitely aware that they need to surround the best basketball player on the planet with star players in order to give the Lakers a strong chance of returning to the NBA Finals and adding another championship banner to the rafters. Anthony Davis, who has been great his entire career, continues to get even better and I believe he will pass Lebron for the best player in the world eventually. Don’t forget to subscribe (yes, it is free) for the latest stories in the sports world. Comment and let me know what you predict.

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