Why Collin Sexton Could Win ROTY


By: @Flick4The3pt (Twitter Handle)

This years draft class is extremely talented with a variety of great prospects that have the potential to turn into NBA greats one day. Many rookies have gotten comparisons to NBA players. Trae Young has drawn comparisons to Steph Curry, and Ayton has a reputation of being the next Shaq. Today I’m talking about Sexton. His most popular comparisons are Bledsoe and Westbrook. His body type is similar to Bledsoe’s, both being short and aggressive. His Westbrook comparisons come from their explosive rim-attacking. I believe he can become a Westbrook type player. ROTY candidates, a lot of rookies have the opportunities to win ROTY and put up quality starts, but my pick is Collin Sexton. He got drafted by a Cavs team who just lost the best player in the world and that is looking for a fresh start. With Kevin Love just signing a contract-extension, Sexton will have a good talent to help him. I believe with his attacking attitude he can put up a favorable amount of points while also sharing the ball. 17/4/4 is the stat line I predict on 48% FG and 31% 3pt. I believe he can lead this pretty weak Cavs team to the playoffs while being the primary Point Guard.

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